Connected by Fate

While getting a copy of my baptismal certificate, I noticed a familiar name in the church’s log book. It was Glenn’s younger sister, Grace. Her name appeared first on the page while mine was last. It was January 4, 1987. We both got baptized on the same day. Our parents had no idea they will be seeing each other again.

Who would have thought that we would end up going to the same school where:

  • Florence and Gene are classmates
  • Me and Glenn are classmates and best friends
  • Faye and Grace are classmates

And 24 years later, Florence and Gene would get married and our two families would become related by law.

Envy is Relative

I often find myself feeling envious of people who never have to work a single day of their entire life. I also envy people who have parents who readily give them money to start a business, a car after graduate from college, or a house and lot when they get married.

From the time I graduated, it took me 8 years to raise the money (I needed to start a business) and find someone who shares the same dream to help me get things done. I don’t regret that it took me that long, but I sure wish I could have done it earlier.

I also wish I didn’t have to use my entire retirement fund or borrow cash from my sister (which I have yet to pay). There are times when I wish that I am one of those who never have to worry about money but at the same time I’m glad that I’m not pressured to be like (or even surpass) anybody. By the way, not having someone to control your personal choices and decision also helps (I’ve heard stories of parents withholding their financial support because their child is stubborn).

Then again, I don’t think I have the right to complain, considering that I’m in a much better position to fulfill my dreams that those who are, for lack of a better term, less fortunate. I guess, at the end of the day, everything is relative.


Because our ignorant neighbors are blaming our dogs for barking too loud, we had to relocate Max and Blackie. Max was sent to Angeles, Pampanga while Blackie was sent to Tondo, Manila. Fortunately, my cousin was willing to take care of Blackie while we figure out a more permanent solution. Blackie is an energetic dog who likes to play endless fetch. Like her mother, Cha Cha, she’s also smart and highly trainable.

Trying to Work from Home

Camiguin In An Instant – Part 1

Nowadays, we no longer have the luxury of planning our trips. Running a company is indeed quite time consuming.

We booked our Cagayan de Oro flight way back January of this year but we never got the chance to plan our trip. We were either asleep or working during our early flight. When we landed on Languindingan International Airport, we had no idea where we are going or even where we are going to stay for the night.

After a few minutes of checking the web for tips and suggestions, we decided to go to Camiguin. We found a passenger van with 2 remaining seats left bound for Cagayan de Oro City. At first, we just wanted to reach Agora Terminal then take another ride to Balingoan Port but the driver offered to take us directly to the port for an additional 200 pesos. Since we didn’t want to waste time asking and searching for directions, we decided to take the deal.

After 3 hours, we found ourselves at Balingoan Port, purchasing ferry tickets bound for Benoni Port, Camiguin Island. The ferry ride took almost 2 hours. As soon as we arrived at Benoni Port, we checked the local tourism office (which turned out to be just a person) for some information (where to stay and things to do).

Habal-Habal Ride at Camiguin

We took a Habal-Habal ride to Mambajao in order to look for a place to stay. After finding a cheap place to stay for the night, we booked the Habal-Habal for the next day’s tour. We had dinner at CheckPoint Food Palace, which is 5 minutes by foot from Medano Island Resort.

To summarize, here’s what happened during our first day:

  • ~2 hours flight (delayed by 1 hour) to Cagayan de Oro
  • ~3 hours travel to Balingoan Port by van
  • ~2 hours travel to Benoni Port by ferry
  • ~20 minutes travel to Mambajao by motorcycle

Mai Mai

Meet Mai Mai, a puppy I adopted from a random neighbor who claimed he found the puppy on the streets. Fearing that she could be hit by a car, he took her then left her with us. He told us he will come back to get the puppy but he never did.

Mai Mai’s High Five Training

Just barely a month in our house, Mai Mai began to exhibit gradual hair loss, starting from her head, then eventually her body. We had her examined and the vet diagnosed her of having mange.

After 2 injections, a couple of months of controlled diet with twice a week bathing of Madre de Cacao shampoo, Mai Mai’s hair is starting to grow back.

We also started to work on her tricks. Mai Mai seems to be as trainable as the rest of our dogs.

Batangas Road Trip

We went on a road trip to Rosario, Batangas with Marvin last Sunday. We originally planned to go to Marinduque but the bad weather forced us to hit the road instead.

Our first stop was along SLEX, where we had a quick breakfast.

2016-08-14 08.47.20
Sleeping Pokemon

Our destination is a rest house / farm in Marilag, owned by a friend of Marvin’s high school teacher. Marvin accompanied them during their Japan vacation so in return they invited him to their home.

Rambutan Tree

Our new friends welcomed us with practically unlimited servings of rambutan, just plucked from the tree.


While eating we were also given a brief lecture on how to grow rambutan trees. Something you won’t learn in school. Hopefully, we can get to apply their tips when we already have our own farm.

Papaya Tree

They also have a couple of papaya trees. After having a hearty meal and another round of rambutan dessert, we were given a tour of their 1-hectare chili pepper farm.

Chili Pepper Plant

The owners were generous enough to give us a few of their extra seedlings so we can also grow our own.

Chili Pepper Seedlings